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No Contract International Calling


iWireless offers two flexible options for No Contract International Calling. Our UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL CALLING feature gives unlimited minutes, and is best if you call ten or fewer numbers each month. With our PAY AS YOU GO feature, you only pay for the minutes you use and you gain more flexibility, with more numbers and more countries allowed. With Pay As You Go, funds don't expire for 180 days from date of last purchase. 

Check the List of Unlimited International Destinations to see if your calling destination is included, or use the look-up tool below to view rates for the Pay As You Go feature.


Check to see if the destination you want to call is included in the Unlimited plan and to view the rates for Pay As You Go.

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The International Pay As You Go feature is a more flexible option that allows you to call anywhere in the world, only paying for the minutes that you use. Funds don’t expire for 180 days, so you can stretch your minutes over a longer timeframe.

  • $5 Pay As You Go plan allows you to pay per minute to most destinations worldwide.
  • Costs less than 2 cents per minute to select destinations in Mexico. Visit our website to look up calling rates for international landlines and mobile numbers.
  • Pay As You Go accounts are funded in $5 increments. Maximum refill balance is $30.
  • Calling system will recap balance and minutes available to destination dialed before each call is connected. You may add funds when needed by dialing *MEGA from your iWireless phone.
  • Credits expire 180 days after funding the account. Adding additional funds resets the expiration date (adds 180 more days).
  • You must have an active No Contract plan to use the Pay As You Go feature.


The Unlimited International Calling feature is best if you call up to 10 international numbers in specific destinations. You’ll have unlimited access to 80 countries. No contracts, fees, cards or pins.

  • $10 Unlimited International Calling feature can be used to call 10 numbers in 80 countries in a 30-day period.
  • Get unlimited calling to landlines in 80 countries and unlimited calling to mobile numbers in select countries. See our website for a list of countries that are eligible for unlimited landline and mobile number calls.
  • NEW! Now includes unlimited calling to Mexico mobile numbers.
  • The 10 numbers are the first 10 dialed each 30-day period.
  • If an 11th number is dialed, you will need to add funds and the plan will function as the Pay As You Go plan. (You may be directed to customer service to add funds.)
  • You must have an active No Contract plan to use the Unlimited International Calling feature.
  • This feature expires 30 days after activation.
Check here to review a list of frequently asked questions about International Calling.
All Plans are subject to the International Calling Consumer Agreement. UNLIMITED USE DOES NOT MEAN UNREASONABLE USE. The Unlimited International Calling Service is provided solely for live dialogue between, and initiated by, two individuals for personal use and not for commercial use or resale. Terms & Conditions