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International Long Distance

Freedom Plan customers may call worldwide destinations with international long distance from iWireless. Connect to more than 200+ countries with rates as low as $0.05/minute.*

International Dialing Calling worldwide from the U.S. is easy. Simply dial “+” then the country code, city code and local number. For example, to call Germany with a phone number of 30 220000 from the U.S., you would dial “+ 49 30 220000.” The procedure is as follows: (+) (country code) (phone number.)

For calls to a mobile phone in Mexico, dial “+” followed by the country code, “1,” city code, and local number. Calls to a Mexican landline do not require the additional “1.”

Check rates and country codes below by selecting a country. Or, download the Freedom Plans International Calling pdf for calling rates and countries available for calling.

Please call our Customer First department at 1.888.550.4497 to activate international long distance on your account. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions regarding International Long Distance Calling.

Select a country to find its country code and international rate:

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Mobile-to-Landline rate per minute:

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*Rates are subject to change without notice. Airtime and overage charges apply to international calls. Activating international calling may require credit check.