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What is a SIM card or Smart card?

SIM or Subscriber Identity Module, also known as a “Smart Card,” is a security chip used in GSM communication devices which holds all of the subscriber’s personal identification and service profile information such as billing, speed dial numbers, calling services, and allows a much more personalized service.  The SIM card functions as the devices’s digital brain and prevents your number from being stolen and your calls from being eavesdropped.
The card can be switched from phone to phone, making the new phone receive all calls to the subscriber's number.
Also known as a “smart card,” the SIM holds all of a subscriber's personal information and phone settings. It gives the subscriber the authorization to use their carrier's network. The SIM is one of the security devices on the GSM network, making it difficult to steal numbers or make fraudulent calls. The card also allows for roaming with other GSM operators.
The card stores personal phone numbers, missed calls, voicemail notifications, text messages, etc. The possibilities of SIM card technology are practically endless.

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