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What is the file size limit on the pictures/videos I can send and receive?

iWireless allows picture/video messages up to 1MB, however the file size of pictures taken with your camera phone will vary based on the picture resolution and settings on the phone. Please reference the phone's user guide for more information on these settings. Picture/video must be less than 1MB in order to send, as the message header is approximately 10KB in size.

Average message size by camera phone Mega Pixel (MP):
VGA (.3 MP) camera phones is 80KB
1.2 & 1.3 MP phones are 150KB
2 MP phones are 225KB
3 MP phones are 425KB
5 MP phones are 750KB

Most phones will have quality settings for the camera (typically labeled “basic, normal, high” or “standard, fine, superfine”) to allow users to save the image at a lower quality and supported file size. Please reference your phone’s user guide for more information. 

To take advantages of the high quality images a 5 MP camera phone provides, you can upload the images to a PC via USB, infrared, Bluetooth, email or by saving them to the SD card and moving the SD card to a PC.  Please reference your phone’s user guide for more information.

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