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What is the Regulatory Fee charge?

The regulatory fee is a cost recovery charge incurred by providing government mandated programs and fees associated with providing these services as described below. This tax is subject to change accordingly as the cost of compliance changes.  

The regulatory fee defrays the cost of implementing and maintaining the following programs: 

Federal Regulatory Fee
This fee is designed to recover the annual fee imposed on i wireless by the FCC.

Wireless Number Portability and Number pooling
The component is designed to recover the costs associated with the federal mandates of number portability and number pooling.

Wireless Local Number Portability (WLNP)
Telephone number portability enables a customer to keep their wireless number when they switch service from one carrier to another. 

Number Pooling
This is a method of reallocating telephone numbers to a central authority so they can be used again.

Enhanced E911 Charges
This component is used to enable wireless telephones to dial 9-1-1 and automatically transmit the caller’s geographic position to emergency responders. Wireless service providers are improving their networks to provide E911 capability according to a schedule established by the FCC.

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