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No Contract Features

iWireless offers a variety of fun and useful features for everyone. To add additional features, please contact an iWireless representative at 1-888-550-4497 or dial 611 from your mobile phone. Other features can be downloaded right from your phone.

To purchase features you must first select a device & plan.


Designed to give you peace of mind in the event your phone is lost, stolen, or accidentally damaged.
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Feature Balance Cards are available in the following increments and will be deducted as you purchase.

$20 Feature Card
Expires in 90 Days

$15 Feature Card
Expires in 60 Days

$10 Feature Card
Expires in 30 Days

$5 Feature Card
Expires in 30 Days


Our Unlimited International Calling Plan is perfect for customers who call up to 10 numbers in specific destinations most often. Our Pay As You Go Plan is a more flexible option that allows customers to call anywhere in the world paying only for minutes they use. With Pay As You Go, funds don't expire for 180 days from date of last purchase.
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